Activity Partners

Activity partners are fitness and recreation facilities and professionals that can provide access and support to individuals who have received prescriptions from their healthcare provider. They are dedicated to providing a direct service to patients and have the amenities and knowledge to meet the needs of patients new to a physically active lifestyle.

Becoming a Facility Partner

Facility partners encourage and support people of all ages, abilities and interests by providing barrier free access to facilities and spaces for patients to explore physical activity. To be a partner, you must be willing to provide:

  • A tour and introduction to the facilities
  • Limited free access for a redeemed prescription
  • An initial consult and goal setting session
  • Access to an activity plan and programs

For more information about the expectations for a facility partner, read the Activity Partners document.

Becoming an Online Activity Partner

Online partners help patients to become more physically active by providing programming and support that can be delivered digitally through the combination of email, phone and video chats, and web and mobile applications. They can be certified personal trainers and health coaches that work at facilities or are independent, and are willing to provide:

  • An initial consult to assess fitness level and access to activities, and set goals
  • A fitness program that can be shared and tracked digitally
  • Weekly check ins to motivate, hold accountability and make improvements to the program
  • 30 days of free support

For more information about being an online partner read the Activity Partners document.

Benefits of Becoming an Activity Partner

Being a part of the program has several benefits for fitness and recreation organizations, facilities and professionals:

  • Support your local community to be healthier
  • Access a new pool of potential members/clients who were previously sedentary
  • Build better relationships with healthcare professionals in your area
  • Recieve special offers on rpoducts and services from program sponsors

To get more details about all of the benefits to being an Activity Partner, read the Activity Partners document.

How to Become an Activity Partner

Fitness and Recreation facilities and professionals can become members under a chapter in their region. In order to become a member:

  1. Check to see if there is a chapter in your region
  2. If you are a member of a chain, check to see if your organization is already a member
  3. Read through the Activity Partner Package
  4. Complete the online application to become a partner
  5. Get approval and sign a partner agreement
  6. Start accepting prescriptions

In order to become an Online Activity Partner:

  1. Read through the Activity Partner Package
  2. Complete the online application to become a partner
  3. Get approval and sign a partner agreement
  4. Start accepting prescriptions

If there is not a chapter in your area, talk to us about how you can help to get one started.

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