Discover recreation and fitness facilities where you can fill your prescription for limited free access.

Looking to fill your prescription at a recreation facility?

If you’ve received a prescription, you can take it to any of the participating location to get limited free access, as well as a tour of the facility and services.

Click on a facility to the right to center the map on that facility. use the 'Activity' dropdown to filter facilties by activity. Use the 'City' dropdown to filter facilites by region.

* This organization indicates that they comply to provincial public health actions to promote the health and safety of participants with respect to COVID-19. Please confirm with the facility before your visit.

  • The site uses your location to find facilities near you. If the page does not show results within 30 seconds, please change your search criteria by using the "Search Cities" command or enter a facility name to search. Distance based search without entering a filter region name will search the area around the map center.

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