Prescription to Get Active

This unique prescription is getting Canadians of all ages more physically active.

Why Activity?

80% of all Canadians are not moving enough.

Physical inactivity (sedentary behaviour) has a higher impact on mortality than smoking, obesity and diabetes combined.

Sedentary behaviour is costing our healthcare system an estimated $12b annually, and obesity another almost $19b.

Activity is the top form of prevention and treatment for many of the most common health conditions.

Most people need the encouragement of a trusted healthcare professional to get started, and the support from qualified fitness and recreation professionals to find programs to help them get moving and keep them moving towards lifestyle change.

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Let us help you with a Prescription to Get Active

You can take your prescription to any of our participating recreation facilities for limited free access and support or find online coaching options to get started. You can also find resources to get you motivated and free activities to get you moving.

What are you waiting for? Take your first steps towards an active lifestyle today.

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How it Works

  • Step One

    Talk to your doctor and their healthcare team about getting a Prescription To Get Active.

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    Click the Get Started button to record your prescription.

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  • Step Three

    Find helpful resources and activity ideas on this website to learn how to get moving more.

  • Step Four

    Fill your prescription at a participating recreation facility to get limited free access.

    *Be sure to take your prescription with you to the recreation facility*


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