I got a prescription, now what?


Step 1: Record your prescription on the Get Started page. Opt-in for the newsletter to receive a six-week guide to start getting active as well as monthly tips and tricks on how to move more.

Step 2: Explore the website for Activity ideas and Activity Resources.

Step 3: Fill your prescription at a recreation facility for free access. Find participating locations near you on the Facilities page.

Where can I take my prescription?


Find locations near you on our Facilities page.

Does the prescription expire?


No, the prescription doesn’t expire but it does become void after it is redeemed at a recreation location.

Can I get more than one prescription?


Yes. If your healthcare provider thinks you can benefit from an additional Prescription To Get Active, they can write you another one at your next appointment.

Will recreation facilities accept more than one Prescription To Get Active?


Some facilities will allow a patient to redeem more than one prescription 12 months after the first prescription was used. Be sure to ask the facility what their policy is before trying to redeem a second prescription.

Can I share my prescription with my family members?


No, each prescription is written for that individual person. If your family or friends would like a Prescription To Get Active, they will need to visit their doctor.

How can I get a Prescription To Get Active?


You can get a prescription from your doctor and their healthcare team if they are a member of the program. Ask your doctor if they are part of Prescription To Get Active or Contact Us.

My doctor isn’t a member of Prescription To Get Active. What do I do?


If you would like to tell your doctor about Prescription To Get Active, bring this Download to your next appointment and we can tell them about the program when they contact us.